Discover Malta

Known as the pearl of the MediterraneanMalta is part of the Calipse Islands (Gzejjer Maltin), an archipelago of nine islands, three of which are inhabited: Malta (Melita), Gozo (Ghawdex), Comino (Kemmuna). Despite its small size, Malta has an extremely rich historical experience, whose first traces date back to the dawn of civilization. However, in Malta, the traces of history are not confined between the walls of museums and galleries, but are everywhere but are everywhere to all willing to discover. Be sure to visit:

  • AUBERGE DE CASTILLE official seat of the knights of the realm of Castile, León and Portugal;
  • GIRGENTI PALACE built by the inquisitor Onorto Visconti in 1625;
  • PALAZZO DEI GRAN MAESTRI besides being the Office of the President, the Palace also serves as a Chamber of Deputies and boasts an Armoury that symbolizes the past glories of the Order in the military field.

In 2018 the city Valletta will hold the title of European Capital of Culture. Given the small size of the Calipse Islands, it has been decided to involve all the Maltese islands with the intention to spread its impact throughout the territory. The cultural program will be built around four themes: Generations, Itineraries, Cities and Islands. Concurrently with the cultural program, the Foundation is developing a culture-related research and evaluation program.

We will be privileged to visit Malta, a selected destination, in an extremely important historical moment for the island. In fact, for places designated as “European Capital of Culture”, the city’s permanent heritage and cultural life are important and essential elements, but it is equally important that the program is addressed to the future.
The shared view is one of the main reasons why we have chosen Malta to celebrate our 30th birthday. Alter Ego Italy’s primary goal is to look to the future by keeping its roots and values secure.

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