The ZOIH brand was born in 2022, from an idea of Marco Lamberti, Jerry Del Duca and Gina Rossi.

The name is inspired by "ZOI" or "Life" in modern Greek: a term that evokes the team's core values of innovation, culture, design and experimentation.

The logo consists of lines and intersections that, coming together, form triangles, squares and circles, recalling the geometries of their creations.



Artistic directors

Marco Lamberti - Jerry Del Duca - Gina Rossi


Over the years, they collaborate with many international BRANDS; today they represent ALTER EGO ITALY Artistic Direction.

They participate in countless international events as guest stylists: from Russia, to South America, to England, they have proposed their eclectic style in various world capitals.

They have been protagonists in many editions of the Alternative Hair Show, a charity event held annually at the ROYAL ALBERT HALL in LONDON and in 2011 they won the International Visionary Award (cut & color).

Gina Rossi


Passionate about Hair-Coloring since the beginning, Gina embarked on her training journey over twenty years ago, in which she was able to structure various collaborations with International Teams.

Impetuous, creative, often irreverent in her blends, she has no qualms in the too mix!

She has been collaborating for years with various brands in the fashion-hair industry, developing collections, photo shoots, shows, training plans.

She has been proudly present in the Alternative Hair Show for several years.

She considers teamwork a fundamental point of strength and value for the success of a TEAM.

Jerry Del Duca


With over two decades of experience in the hairdressing industry.

He began his career with different experiences, in renowned London and International academies.

He started his career and collaboration path in different areas of the profession: Salons, Educational, Editorials and Shooting with several companies in the hairdressing industry, that lead him to work and travel for events and shows around the world.

Among the most important, The Alternative Hair Show in London.

Purist of education, he believes in the rules to be able to break them!

Marco Lamberti


The secret? Never betray the dream. This is my motto today. I started this wonderful career at the age of 14, the passion was born out of curiosity; hence, the desire to make women beautiful.

At the age of 23, I opened my first salon, thus began a succession of events and paths that led me to express my artistic vein to the fullest. Great work experiences have made me reach national and international goals, such as the Visionary Award of the Alternative Hair Show, a recognition that I coveted since I was still a young amateur.

Thanks to it I had the opportunity to undertake collaborations with international artists of thickness. To date, great innovative projects with an avant-garde approach will continue to make my professional career even more interesting.

My philosophy today:

After years of experience, I can say with certainty that the hairdresser has the continuous desire to identify with an artistic proposal, to feel stimulated and involved but at the same time free, both in the relationship with his customers and with himself and, why not, also with colleagues.